E-Business – 5 Steps To Take Before Making That Choice!

Did you know that when starting your own e-Business, there are 5 steps to take before making the choice? Investing some time navigating these areas first will arm you for success far quicker than simply finding an e-Business and wading in. When it is finally time to launch, you can fire a missile headed straight for the bullseye!Oftentimes people hit upon a business idea, do a little research as a rough guide, and THEN build as they go along. That’s OK – it works for some people, but for others, the problems can sidetrack their attention so much, they end up losing focus and reaping shed-loads of frustration.Instead, here are 5 steps to take before making your e-Business choice that will dispel with frustration and really help you to stay focused:Step 1) Get the niche right. Before starting out, research and research until you drill down into the heart of the niche that you want to launch your e-Business in. For example, if people are looking for homebased e-Business ideas on Google, their search will take them smack bang into 246 million pages of material. Unless you can rank on the first few pages, you probably won’t be found.Instead, if you are choosing your e-Business in somewhere like the iPhone Apps niche, learn the language and hang out where the App enthusiasts go. Research the platforms they use and find keywords from there to use in your business title and rank for it.Step 2) Study your niche. Why? Because then you will know which specific customer you want to attract. It is your job to find out and provide exactly what your customer is looking for. Taking the example from above, the iPhone App industry is growing in popularity all the time, so work out ONE aspect to major in and start your e-Business around that.Step 3) Sum up your e-Business in 30-60 seconds. This is also known as an ‘elevator pitch’ – the idea being that if you jump into an elevator and someone asks your occupation, you have the length of the elevator journey to explain or ‘pitch’ your business. It can be a challenge, and will take some practice, but the following example pretty much sums it up:”Welcome to…… my site! Every month I offer a variety of tips to help save you money, raise your productivity, and grow your business”. See? Short and to the point.Summing up your elevator pitch is your blueprint in a nutshell. Use it as a guide to keep yourself focused on what your business is going to deliver.Step 4) Keep it simple! Make your e-Business site easy to navigate. When planning your website or blog, arrange your information in such a way that it flows naturally. Some websites or blogs can look overcrowded with pictures and adverts and banners – all of which can detract from YOU! The one thing you don’t want is your visitor to disappear without reaching the most important part – your product.Step 5) Hold something back. Don’t be tempted to give the customer the whole package when they land on your website. If everything is put on display at once, their curiosity is satisfied and the need to take another step (opt-in) is removed. Instead, give something of enough value that shows only half the picture so that they need to discover the rest. The benefits of this approach mean that you get good quality, targeted traffic opting in for your e-Business product.Having come this far, what will you do next? If you linger a little longer, I would like to introduce you to a business strategy that already works for thousands around the world. Knowing that finding your business is only the first step, this model builds layer upon layer to help launch you confidently into your chosen niche, and also gives you your own business to promote. I hope ‘E-Business – 5 steps to take before making that choice’ has been helpful.

Start a Lawn Business – Productivity Tips, Methods and Techniques

To successfully start a lawn care business it is important that you are able to maximize productivity for yourself and your crews. This article looks at some of the basic productivity, tips, methods and techniques that ‘six figure’ lawn business operators implement for success.Every aspect of your work should be analyzed and broken down into steps so that you can slowly work out the best system that saves time, energy and other resources.You would be surprised how 20 or 30 seconds saved here and there can work out to be a good number of ‘man hours’ saved over the course of a year.Equipment should be cleaned and maintained regularly so that it is always in its optimal working condition. Staff members should be instructed to follow a schedule and to keep logs on when equipment was serviced, when parts or oil was changed and when air filters were cleaned.Sharpen blades regularly, as often as three times a week to maintain high performance of your mowers.Make sure that your vehicle is organized into racks that can even be labeled so that everything gets put back in the same place and can be retrieved easily. Keep a supply of basic parts in your vehicle so that minor repairs can be carried out quickly if necessary.Develop a method for efficiently mowing a lawn. Most operators suggest dividing a lawn into parts and looking for rectangular areas to mow. Mowing up and down is more efficient than mowing around in a square shaped area as less turning is involved.Trying to cut grass when it is dry is much easier than cutting wet grass so you should try to work around rain wherever your scheduling will allow.Consider sending out small crews of two men instead of solo workers. There are times when two workers can be much more productive than one such as when it is necessary to lift heavy objects. People are usually happier working with others and customers may feel like they are getting ‘twice the value’ from having two people servicing their property.These are just some ideas. By regularly observing your workers (or yourself) in action, putting some of these tips, methods and techniques to work and always asking yourself “am I doing this the best way?” you can continually improve your system and thus become a more productive lawn care business.